• NOTICING: becoming wide awake

    Listening deeply using all the senses; being alert to changes in your environment, in people, and in yourself; being curious; being mindful, in the moment

  • SETTING INTENTION: preparing purposefully

    Being purposeful, believing in possibility; abundance not scarcity; clearly defining intent; aligning direction with purpose; committing to responsible action

  • ACTING RESPONSIBLY: taking right action

    Being straightforward and unequivocal; speaking truth quietly; being honest; choosing consciously; being socially and environmentally responsible

Making the World a Better Place to Live and Work

At Future Shapers Florida, we believe in making the world a better place to live and work. The way we do this is by helping people reach higher levels of consciousness, championing Conscious Leadership and enabling Conversations that Matter. Working in partnership with FutureShapers, LLC, we are focused on developing leaders through conscious leadership coaching, advising organizations on creating conscious cultures, convening executive peer group roundtables, and writing and speaking about conscious leadership principles and practices.

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