Mindful leadership is about training the mind and being awake at work. Much of the current training for leaders is around acquiring skills and competences, about leading teams and managing change but, according to Michael Carroll, author of The Mindful Leader, mindfulness is about simply being here, being who we really are, and being at ease with who we are.

Mindfulness, or noticing what is going on, is one of the conscious leadership practices. When we are not being mindful, we experience knee-jerk reactions and make unconscious, reactionary choices. When we are fully present, practicing mindfulness, we are leading from the inside out, aligning with our purpose, and acting responsibly. I like to think of conscious leadership as mindful leadership in action.

You may already see yourself as a competent leader so why is leadership development important? Why would you need leadership coaching or to attend a leadership workshop or seminar? I coach for authenticity and how we show up in the world more than for competence or effectiveness, and that makes all the difference. Conscious leaders see more, hear more, feel more; they include more and exclude less; they take responsible action aligned with their purpose. How can you be a more authentic, more conscious leader in your workplace?