Behind Every Action is a Positive Intention

Conscious leaders adopt a calm mind philosophy, have compassion, and fill up their minds with good things. So says Sam Chan, President, Applied Computer Online Services – “The World’s Largest B2B Online Computer Store.”  In this Future Shapers Meet the Visionaries event, John Renesch interviews Sam Chan, who reminds listeners of the NLP presupposition that behind every actions is a positive intention, suggesting that people do not have a choice about their behavior towards us, that it must be us who are in the way.

Sam suggests that, when you don’t have a choice, when you are so obsessed with the goal, you are abusing your power; you become a prisoner of your own ambitions, and you don’t have bandwidth to keep a calm mind. Aligning with the conscious leadership practices of exploring purposely and thinking possibility, Sam suggests that, when you are learning things in the exploring mode, you keep an open mind, you are not looking to judge, you are looking to learn.

Sam Chan is recognized and respected for his ability to achieve and maintain peak performance, which has enabled him to build a consistently profitable business. He allocates one third of his net profit to R&D, one third he distributes to his employees, and one third he saves for the future. Sam has managed to balance a thriving business with a deep personal spiritual practice, devoting time to his Buddhist practice, his family, and service to the community. At the end of the interview, Sam demonstrates his daily practice of surrender.

To watch the entire interview:

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