The choice of working for a Conscious Leader or a Workplace Bully appears at first sight to be a no-brainer. Who would choose to work for a workplace bully? Yet, according to Andrew Faas, author of The Bully’s Trap, bullying in the workplace is one of the biggest societal and economic issues we face. In research conducted by Dr. Judy Blando, nearly 75% of employees had witnessed mistreatment of coworkers sometime throughout their careers and 27% admitted to being a target of a bully in the previous 12 months.

In 74% of the cases explored by Andrew Faas, the bullying was boss to subordinate. In these cases, the bullied are often unable to take action due to fear of losing their job. Many are actively looking for another job. You may dismiss these claims of workplace bullying as a case of victimhood. Many of us take on the role of victim, blaming and complaining about how things happen to us. The conscious leader recognizes people caught in the victim trap where they feel powerless to change but, rather than take the role of rescuer or the hero in the drama triangle, conscious leaders take on the role of coach to help the victim take responsibility for their lives.

Do you have a Chief Bullying Office in your organization? Are you seen as the bully, the Chief Bullying Officer? If you have a culture of workplace bullying, it is likely that you already have high employee turnover and likely have more than half of your employees actively job hunting. A culture of bullying can create a highly toxic workplace where employees become disengaged and performance declines.

Whether you are the bully, one of the bullied, a bystander, or a concerned friend, conscious leadership practices can help. Notice what is going on in your workplace or in your working relationships. Set a clear intention to prevent the consequences of workplace bullying for you, your co-workers, and the leaders in your organization. Take responsibility for yourself and act responsibly in your interactions with others in your workplace. Ask yourself, what am I doing about workplace bullying?