Is your work intrinsically self-rewarding and of service to others?

Conscious leaders know that something is coming and are attuned to what’s breaking through. In the inaugural Future Shapers Meet the Visionaries event, John Renesch interviewed Barbara Marx Hubbard, the founder of The Foundation for Conscious Evolution. In the interview, Barbara interweaves the characteristics of conscious leadership with her wonderful life story. 

Reflecting on the writings of Abraham Maslow, Barbara Marx Hubbard suggests that conscious leaders do work that is intrinsically self-rewarding and of service to others. This self-rewarding work activates a unique quality of creativity and genius that is so pleasurable that you are paid up. But you have to look for it; you have to look for this self-rewarding work, and you have to be bold and follow what attracts you.

Barbara also suggests that conscious leaders are innately attracted to what is possible and keep going no matter what. Possibility thinking is one of the key practices of conscious leadership. Barbara also introduced the term telerotic which she described as being in love with high purpose again well aligned with the practice of exploring purposefully.

To watch the entire interview:

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