Conscious Leadership is a lifestyle, a daily practice, according to Diana Chapman, co-author of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. In her Meet the Visionaries interview with Future Shapers co-founder, John Renesch, Diana Chapman explores the practices of conscious leadership with a wonderful energy and vitality. Diana says she practices her vitality but is also naturally vivacious. What a blessing! Diana’s responses to questions from John Renesch and then from many in the audience provides exquisite insights into being a conscious leader.

The theme of the Meet the Visionaries series is: What does it take to be a conscious leader in today’s world? Diana Chapman provides multiple right answers to this question. One of my favorite concepts is the idea of leading above and below the line. In this model, Diana explores four ways of leading: as me and to me, below the line; through me and as me, above the line. Although most us lead from below the line most of the time, conscious leaders aspire to leading above the line.

Shifting to leading above the line takes courage and can be scary. Diana suggests asking ourselves four questions: Where am I? Can I accept myself for being just where I am? Am I willing to shift? How do I shift? Mindful reflection on these questions is a valuable conscious leadership practice.