Mindfulness is not about silencing the mind. You may have already discovered that silencing the mind is an impossibility. We can’t make our eyes not see or our ears not hear, and neither can we make our minds not think. Mindfulness is about noticing what is already there, observing thoughts and feelings, but not adding to the narrative. Simply noticing and returning to your breathing during a meditation. Acknowledging the thought or feeling, appreciating its presence, noticing, becoming attentive, and letting it go without attachment or judgment.

Being attentive, really noticing what is going on, not trying to silence the mind but simply quietening the mind – that is an intention of a mindfulness practice. Chinese Buddhist, Blon Lee, says, “A quiet mind is not a mind with no thoughts. Rather, it is a decision you make to embrace every emotion and thought within you. When you embrace all your thoughts without judgment, no matter how annoying they are, your mind will calm down.” Beating yourself up for thinking too much can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. You are going to hear mental dialogue whether you like it or not. Practice quietening the mind to become more conscious of your thoughts and feelings.

Conscious leadership is mindfulness with action, being and non-doing along with thinking, feeling, and doing; noticing, setting intention, and acting responsibly. How can you become a more conscious leader? To learn more about conscious leadership, stay awhile and explore the pages of this web site. If something piques your interest or you have something to share, send us a message via the contact page.