Three conscious leadership practices for setting intention are: Exploring Purposefully, Thinking Possibility, and Committing to Action. How are you setting your intentions for the new year? In this blog post, I share a little more about conscious leadership practices for setting intention.

Exploring Purposefully: Knowing your individual life purpose and the purpose of your organization, and exploring opportunities always aligned to purpose. Contemplative questions for exploring purposefully might include: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I where I am? What is my purpose? What is the purpose of my organization? Where in my life do I need to spend more time exploring purposefully?

Thinking Possibility: Living in a place of possibility aligned with purpose and passion, where we believe in abundance not scarcity, where we live in a world of multiple right answers, where we celebrate what is right with the world not what is wrong, and where our intentions are not constrained by our limiting beliefs. What is possible for you in the new year?

Committing to Action: The development of a clearly articulated statement of intent, understood by stakeholders, aligned to purpose and passion, and supported by a strong commitment to responsible action. Remember the riddle about five frogs sitting on a log? Four decide to jump off. How many are left sitting on the log? You may think only one but I suggest all five are still sitting on the log. Four set the intention to jump off but we don’t know about their commitment to action. What is your commitment to acting on your intentions?

So, what are your intentions for 2017? What is your level of commitment to realizing your intentions? If you are looking for an accountability partner, let me know via the contact page. For a limited time, as a gift to you, Future Shapers Florida is offering to support your intention realization journey as your Intention Accountability Partner during the coming year.

Best wishes for an Intentional New Year.