Shaping our future as if we will live forever

Inspired by the movie, The Bucket List, and the song, Live Like You Were Dying, I hope this mantra of “Shaping our future as if we will live forever, yet living today as if we will die tomorrow” will serve as a guide for the new year. This mantra is from my soon-to-be-published book, The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership. The three major themes in the book are: noticing what is going on, setting intention, and acting responsibly. Read more


Quietening the Mind

Mindfulness is not about silencing the mind. You may have already discovered that silencing the mind is an impossibility. We can’t make our eyes not see or our ears not hear, and neither can we make our minds not think. Mindfulness is about noticing what is already there, observing thoughts and feelings, but not adding […]


Setting Intentions for the New Year

Three conscious leadership practices for setting intention are: Exploring Purposefully, Thinking Possibility, and Committing to Action. How are you setting your intentions for the new year? In this blog post, I share a little more about conscious leadership practices for setting intention.


Behind Every Action is a Positive Intention

Conscious leaders adopt a calm mind philosophy, have compassion, and fill up their minds with good things. So says Sam Chan, President, Applied Computer Online Services – “The World’s Largest B2B Online Computer Store.”  In this Future Shapers Meet the Visionaries event, John Renesch interviews Sam Chan, who reminds listeners of the NLP presupposition that behind every actions is a positive intention, suggesting that people do not have a choice about their behavior towards us, that it must be us who are in the way.

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