Learning Relentlessly

Ten behaviors of aspiring conscious leaders who are Noticing what is going on and Learning Relentlessly

Conscious leaders are constantly curious—curious about themselves, curious about others, and curious about their environment. When working with leaders, I look for curiosity. If they are not curious, they are unlikely to want to change. Learning relentlessly is about remaining open to new ideas and insights; checking understanding rather than making assumptions; creating space for learning both individually and in groups; accepting mistakes and failures as learning opportunities; giving and receiving timely, constructive feedback; and constantly growing in self-awareness.

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The Tiger and the Strawberry

Listening With All The Senses

Ten behaviors of aspiring conscious leaders who are waking up, listening with all the senses, and noticing what is going on.

Conscious leaders are waking up and becoming more aware of themselves, of others, and of their environment. They are listening generously with all their senses, feeling all their feelings, and creating space for becoming more mindful and noticing what is going on around them. This is an invitation to wake up, recognizing that conscious leadership requires us all to become wide awake and to stay awake and alert in all aspects of our lives.

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